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What's your point? I've been busy working on my own personal site, DJ ventures and lately I've just recently began blogging over at Buckystars.com. I been busy, bite me.

Holy moly. I haven't posted in way too long. I'll start writing again. I have alot to say, just no time to say it. More to come, eventually.

Maybe it's just me and my simple mindedness, but I don't see what's so expressive about poetry. Uh oh, here comes my catch phrase again: Don't get me wrong! I have an appreciation for poetry, but I don't understand why so many people depend on it like a drug, particularly depressed people.

Poetry lets insecure people become more secure in cryptic messages because they can write them down, give them to other people, ask if they understand it, and if they don't, they can wallow in self pity because nobody understands them. People have written down gobs of cryptic, mushy, poetry and prose for me to read and when I see it as sappy junk with a grammatical error here and there, I'm considered non-artistic and senseless.

Poetry is a game. It's a game about writing. A game of writing to fit a certain schema. Sometimes it's a rhyming scheme. Sometimes it's syllable structure. Other times it's to try to make things not what they are so that people can guess at what they are by relating them to other things. It's a guessing game! I love reading poetry to try and decipher what some of these things mean, but that's all it is usually. It's just a game of encryption/decryption. Why must so many sad people play this game?

I googled for a decent example of some of this and here's something I found. It's an excerpt from a poem I discovered.

"Do you hunger for my heart?
It's black and calloused and just barely beating,
But out of my veins, cold blood keeps on fleeting.
Look outside and you will see
It's the only way I'll ever be free."


"My life sucks. I want to die."

[Side note: I'm not picking on the specific author of this poem individually. If you (the author) ever sees this, don't come flaming me for criticizing just you. I'm pointing the finger at everyone (and there are many like you) who does this.]

REVALATION! 7 words sums it up. Apparently upon more research, the artist actually did have a sucky life and wanted to die. However, because they wrote this poem, they did not.

(dot... dot... dot...)

I'm sorry, call me heartless, pessimistic, cold, uncaring, unaesthetic, senseless, stupid, ignorant, whatever... I'm sorry, that's just pathetic. I expressed the same emotion in 7 words and it all became clear.

What boggles my mind is this. If you write poetry you probably do it for one of a few reasons. 1) You want to express and understand your OWN inner thoughts. 2) You want to express your inner thoughts so OTHERS can understand. 3) You want to have fun with words.

Personally I like 3. It's the most fun. However, 1 and 2 are what I find amusing.

First, regarding 1: If you need to understand your own inner self and inner thoughts, why make it so cryptic? I don't know about other people, but I've never had a problem saying, "Man, my life sucks right now. It really blows. Hmm. Maybe I should do something about it." I do NOT need to express myself, to... well, myself. It just seems kind of redundant. If I feel so inclined, I MAY write myself a journal of things that are happening and how I feel so that I can reflect on them later. Poetry for self expression just seems silly.

Second, regarding 2: If you want others to understand your own inner thoughts, why make it so cryptic? Come out and say it for god's sake. If you want someone to understand you K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) and just say it. Again, I've never had a problem telling a friend, "Man, my life is sucking." I have no problem expressing my inner thoughts without encoding them in poetry. Hell, look at this whole journal. I have been able to fully express my inner thoughts without a single line of poetry at all.

I think it's all just silly. Like I said, it's a guessing game that only helps to validate a persons belief that nobody understands them by completely baffling the reader.

However, on a level more involved with semantics and grammar, I can much more easily appreciate this "art" of poetry. Putting words together to make relatively cohesive sentences all while following a relatively strict pattern I see as being very skillful, and even artistic. To me it's not so much the meaning behind it as is how it is done. The structure of ballads. The restrictions of haiku. Those are what amaze me about poetry. Otherwise, if you have something to say, just say it.

I've read many pieces of poetry and I find the most horrid to be the ones that I've read by the disillusioned kids who unfortunately have such a bleak outlook on life that they believe that poetry will make everything better and will help people to understand. I hate reading other people's poetry. I rarely ever understand it right away, and people get offended if you say you don't like it. If you have to ask what it means, it's offensive. And, even if they do explain it, you just got the whole lowdown anyways, so why didn't they just do that in the first place?

"Meh!" is what I say to all of that.

poetry doth suck.
just say what you mean to say.
the game gets boring.

I've decided to mask a rant in a posting of more information than anything else, but underneath this all there is a rant at the foundation of this post.

Just about everyone has heard of a DJ. There's tons of them out there. However, what people do not seem to grasp is that there are very different kinds of DJ's that all do very different things. I feel that this lack of understanding does not allow room for the respect for certain kinds of DJ's who spend years and years of practice to hone their skills (yes, skills!).

Thus, let me begin the explanation.

The acronym DJ comes from the two words Disc Jockey, originating from older days of radio and entertainment where a person would play "discs" (records, yeah, you know those big floppy plastic things) of songs continuously. The DJ would play one record, perhaps comment about it, then play another. They would literally "ride" the record players for hours (jockeying), playing them for extended periods of time.

Today, the term DJ has expanded to many other kinds of music playing with the recent advents of technology.

Probably the most familiar form of DJ we all know is the radio DJ. Radio DJs differ greatly from the DJs of the past. With all the technology we have, much of the DJ'ing has become digital. Instead of records, cds and other digital media are used. Much of this process is automated and a radio DJ needs only to push a few buttons to load a preset listing of songs. They need only to know how to work a console to tell the music when to begin to play. Even the sequence of songs isn't necessarily chosen by the DJ. Alot of that is programmed by another group that handles what is played, and when. Some "Radio DJs" don't even play music. Some "talk radio" hosts are considered DJ's, which doesn't make much sense, but the name has stuck. Regardless, the common Radio DJ is the DJ who plays all the latest hits of popular music we hear on the radio.

The idea of playing music for private events spawned off later as music playing technology became portable. The Mobile DJ is a DJ who plays at smaller events such as parties, weddings, get togethers, and other festive events. These DJ's play a more custom set of songs and music that fit the event more towards the liking of the guests. These DJs need to have pretty decent knowledge of many kinds of music in order to be able to please a more specific group of people for all different kinds of events.

Again, with recent advances in technology, we also have online DJs who do things very similarly to the Radio DJ except their music is broadcasted online. They can use hardware (record players, cd players, microphones, mixers) hooked up to a computer to convert it to a digital signal and then be broadcast, or they can use digital music (mp3's, ogg, wma, etc) to broadcast the music via software on a computer.

So far, all these styles of DJ'ing simply require these basic skills:
- knowledge of how to select/load songs, start them and stop them.
- ability to select music that creates a theme
- ability to select music that creates a good flow of sound (i.e. - keeping within styles or easily transitioning styles. Playing a country song and then a hip hop song would just be an awkward transition!),
- playing songs that people know and enjoy
- playing new songs for people to listen to that they might also enjoy in order to spread new music to the masses

With a little bit of technical knowledge and some knowledge of music, just about anybody can do this. It's merely a matter of being able to play songs people like.

However, there is a whole sect of DJing that people rarely see and only few truly understand. The Club DJ is a DJ that hardly ever gets the respect they deserve from the public. Only those who have taken the time to listen and understand what they do will have respect for these DJs.

The Club DJ takes the role of the DJs above and adds a huge element of difficulty to what they do by not only making the music continuous, but seamless. Songs literally blend into each other turning two songs, into one long extended song. Also, these DJ's add other "tricks" to use the devices that play music as instruments on their own, using the music they play to make their own brands of music by manipulating how they are played. As the name suggests, these DJs typically play in clubs but can also be found at house parties, private parties, raves, bars and the like.

These DJ's come in a few breeds. Turntablists and Techno DJs.

Turntablist DJ use record turntables (and now cd players that work like record players) in a whole new way to make a totally new style of MUSIC. They do not just play a song, but they morph a song. By taking a record and dragging it back and forth very quickly under a record player needle, they can manipulate the music on the record to make all new sounds that they form into their own music. These DJ's are also commonly known as Scratch DJ's because of the scratching sound that's made from moving the record around under the record player needle. Turntablism is NOT an easy skill to master. It takes much practice to get a feel for how it is done and how it can be used properly. The dexterity and speed that some turntablists have is simply amazing and the grace that they do their tricks with to make unique sounds is simply awe inspiring.

On the other side of Club DJing are the Techno DJs. These are the DJs that play the thumping, bouncing "Techno" music. (That's a bad name for it because it covers all genre's of music: House, Trance, Drum and Bass, Techno, Breaks, etc) These DJ's typically take two songs and play these songs seamlessly together to make the songs blend together and flow from end to start. It's mostly a matter of taking the continuous beats of the songs, and matching them up so that they are playing one on top of the other so that they sound like one united beat. The problem is not all songs play at the same tempo. So it's also a matter of making the songs play at the same speed and matching them up so they sound right. Thus it takes EXTRA work on a Techno DJs part to find songs that work together well to be able to create a nonstop flow so that the clubbers listening in can continue their nonstop dance. Again, much skill and years of practice is required to master this art not only in the technical aspects, but in the artistic aspects of selecting music that will set a certain mood and keep the party going.

For both of these styles how these two types of DJs play is limitless. Technology has recently allowed these DJ's to do this work (that was previously ONLY done with vinyl records) to be done with CD's, and on computers with other digital media. These DJ's come in all styles: stationary (in clubs), mobile, (DJ's with their own setups), and online (DJ's who broadcast their sets over the internet). Who knows what the future will bring with different kinds of technologies and different ideas people will bring to the DJing culture.

I myself am a "Techno DJ". I DJ house music mostly (funky and disco styles, along with a few others). I currently have my own setup and DJ at home in my spare time. I began DJ'ing with CDs but have incorporated records into my setup and will eventually also incorporate mp3's as well. I play weekly gigs in DC at a small bar and I also broadcast live online every now and then. I absolutely love what I do and have a BLAST doing it. I play for personal satisfaction and for the gratification that I can make people dance and tap their feet to the music I play.

I hope that people can one day have a little more appreciation for the Club DJ's as I see many people who do not truly understand the skills that we possess and do not see us as true artists. It's not always easy doing what we do. ;-)

I found this rather interesting so I decided to participate. Please read below and give it a whirl if you like!

Play the interview game. Here are the rules. trilobite asked me these questions.

Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
I will respond by asking you 4-6 questions.
You will update your journal with my 4-6 questions, and your answers.
You will include this explanation in your entry.
You will ask other people 4-6 questions when/if they want to be interviewed.

1. Are you a h4x0r?
I have a Screen Name on AIM that CLEARLY states that 'i am not a h4x0r'. However, this term is sometimes misinterpreted (and totally misunderstood), so a brief explanation is required. The term 'h4x0r' is actually a sort of "internet language" ('l33t speek', or leet speak) where letters are replaced by similar looking numbers and symbols (A=4, I=1, 3=E, S=5, t=+, R=|2). So, when interpreted properly, h4x0r = haxor. Now, the word is still a bit of a ruse at this point so further explanation is requried. 'haxor' is a purposeful mispelling of the word hacker. Somewhere in internet history some kids thought it might be funny to respell it with a bit of a twist and apparently it picked up to being haxor. I suppose because a hacker hacks, or hax, and a person who does something typically ends in the suffix -or. hax-or. That's my best guess. Anyways, the point is, a bunch of silly kids picked it up and called themselves hax0rs. Now, these kids were truly not "hackers" of any true type. They typically created computer mischief and mayhem and were generally a problem. 'h4x0r' is typically used in reference to any person who obviously knows little about computers and wants to learn to be a hacker. In this sense, I assure you I am not a h4x0r. However, that does not mean I am not a true "hacker". ;-)

2. What time is it and what are you doing today?
The current time is 11:05 AM (EST). Scratch that, 11:14 AM (got distracted for a second!). I've got to do alot today actually. After a boring day of "working hard" (read "hardly working") I have to head to the mall to be re-fitted for a tuxedo. I have to head home and setup my dj equipment to practice for a few hours. Work a little bit on some loops and samples for my friend's website. Join a few friends for a game later this evening. Pay som bills. Clean, clean, clean, laundry, clean. Then maybe, if I get a chance, play a video game.

3. Latest personal complaint?
Unions suck. Die CWA/IBEW. Lack of money really blows. Need to pay off bills so badly. I hate the fact that I don't save as much as I want to.

4. Latest global complaint?
Read my last posts! Really though, internet worms are a nuisance. What a hassle. Get a life people. The last thing anybody wants is your wasted bandwidth that just goes to prove how stupid Microsoft really is. We don't need it. We already know it.

5. What is YOUR advice for the youth of the world?
- Read my journal.
- Stop complaining and do something about it.
- Get an education. Not necessarily in school, but somewhere. Do something with your life that will make a change, otherwise just get out of the way and stop wasting space.
- In college, go to class. If you don't, you'll probablly fail.
- People usually don't like to hear about your problems just like you probablly don't like listening to other people's problems. Listen to your own problems and fix them.
- Find someone you love, not someone you want. Honestly consider the worst thing the person could possibly do and if you can still care for them after that, go for it. Otherwise, don't bother. You'll just get a divorce.
- Set your own expectations higher than they are right now. Right now, they're not high enough. If you've considered your own high expectations, raise them so high they are even hard to consider. It's what really drives people to go above and beyond. Win your own game.
- Stereotypes are for morons. I mean the people that fall into them, not the people that believe them.
- Diversity is life. The more you like, the more you experience. There is good in everything. Find that little bit of good and embrace it.

My last post discussed the first reason as to why I feel the path we are evolving on is a path straight down the tubes. It touched on how our male attraction towards women is skewed and will cause nothing but trouble down the line as we evolve into a society of beautiful, but frail and unfit people.

My second issue does have a tie in with this first problem. It seems that with this skewed view, we come across a whole separate subset of problems we must deal with. With these standards of beauty, we come across people who do EVERYTHING they must in order to meet these standards. We recognize this as a problem in today's society. It is a mental instability where people strive for attention in any way they can, dispite the fact that it may not necessarily be the right thing. It's an attention-seeking thing.

This serious lack of mental stability and obvious intellect is a problem. I don't feel we do enough today to ensure the minds of our society are being used to their capacity. We open the door and allow excuses for mental instability and allow them to propogate (look at how many more mental problems/disesases we have now than we ever did) and we do not stimulate the minds of our society to be intellectual and knowledgable.

We have one of the worst systems of education anywhere. Our system of education makes up for the failures of it's students by making the material to be learned easier. So, it has moved from a system where it's not "teach higher level information, allow those who can comprehend it, succeed" to "teach lower level information, allow everyone to learn it and succeed". Problem with this is, now we just have alot more "less-intelligent" and "less-knowledgable" people who are all dubbed as being success stories.

How does this help us to advance? Isn't the purpose of intellectual evolution to propogate the smartest, brightest, most knowledgable and most intelligent people? These people have the capacity to learn, to apply, and to advance. We need more people like this to be able to advance more and advance better. So why do we lower the bar on who we can call smart, bright and successful?

20 or so years ago it was very common for most people to have finished some sort of algebra, gemoetry and trigonometry by the time they finished high school. Now, I know HANDFULS of people who can't even finish remedial mathematics all because we've lowered the bar.

I don't feel it's in any way acceptable to condone those who do not want to try as hard to learn and become knowledgable and inteligent to continue on their path of laziness. It's not acceptable in any way. I am of the opinion (as usual) that a standard is a standard. Standards should never go backwards and be lowered. If a standard is high, people need to rise to that standard to be able to advance. If people are having difficulty doing it, then we just need to try harder.

Again, it all boils down to the mental instability thing. The only reason we lower the bar is because people get offended when you call them a failure. People cannot handle the insecurities of failure. This is another flaw that should not be dealt with lightly. Failure is part of life, it WILL happen. We all fail at some point. If a person cannot deal with failure, they cannot deal with life. There is no excuse for being unable to deal with the inevitable. Why should we lower our expectations of everyone just to avoid making some people feel bad because they could not meet an ESSENTIAL standard.

Now, this sounds similar to the case in my first problem with the expectations of being beautiful. "Why lower my expectations of how I see beauty?", one may ask. In that case though, beauty is NOT an essential standard. It serves no purpose other than mental and possibly sexual stimulation and the propogation of people who can do so. My qualm with that is the people who take it to the extreme. When a person who is not mentally stable tries to meet non-necessary standards that do not necessarily affect a person in a positive way, it can be a problem. This is not always healthy and not always best for how we should be changing for the better.

Meeting an intellectual standard on the other hand IS essential, for it serves the purpose of helping to propogate more intelligent people who are more capable and more likely to succeed. It is a standard that will only help us farther down the line.

I this country it just goes to show how much this has affected us. We can apparently see that our students are much farther behind than students in many other countries are. We are one of the only countries that actively recognizes and sympathizes with those who cannot keep up and we slow down the rest of the group to let them catch up. You're only as fast as your slowest runner.

I believe it's time to shed this philosophy. Raise the bar. People need to learn to catch up or shut up. If one cannot do what it takes to be the best and the brightest, they should just sit down and watch the rest succeed. It's not acceptable for them to slow down the advancement of others.

This concept of "leaving the weak behind" can be applied to many other "attributes" as well, not only intellect. I will not mention them at this point because I am amost certain they will cause so much controversey. However, overall, it is essential that we begin to analyze how our society is moving and what our tendencies are leaning towards so that we may better understand what our future holds. We must begin to look forward and see what will happen to us if we continue on these paths that we are so mindlessly walking on.

Just stop for a little while and think. It won't hurt, I promise.

I'm not here to start an argument about historical evolution. Some people fanaticaly believe it, others don't. I'm not here to argue the points of wether we came from monkeys or not. What is indisputable is that evolution does exist today. Environments, species, animals, people... we all change to suit our environments. That's pretty much a fact. What I am here to present an opinion on is how this world is currently evolving and where our human race tends to be going.

(Post Script - I intended this to be one long post, but it got kinda lengthy as I kept writing, so I will post a second part later.)

Our human society as a whole has changed very much in the past few thousand years. To be quite frank, I think our ideals have become very diluted with ignorance, laziness and selfishness. We're headed down a very dangerous and destructive path as we change as people and as a soceity. "How?" you ask? Well that's a good question.

I think it's pretty safe to say that for the most part, as a human, our intentions here on earth are to, at the highest level, "advance" our species and advance our culture. We have, since we've been created, since we've progressed throughout history, and since each of us as individuals are born, make our best attempts to "advance" ourselves and our society. We do what we can to make ourselves as both individuals and as a collective society "better" for following generations. It's a pretty general statement really. "Advance" and "better" can be interpreted loosely, but looking at the kind of progress we make over the years can better define "advancement" and how we have become "better".

So far, I think we've done a pretty decent job of it. At least until the past maybe 50 years. I think the road we're on is going to be taking a turn for the worst. There's two elements that I believe we are "evolving" into (particularly us as Americans) that will cause serious problems in both the near and distant future.

(I will discuss the first problem here, the next problem will come in Part 2)

First of these problems involves sexuality, love and mating. It's pretty obvious that sexuality and love is not as conservative of an issue as it was years and years before. We are much more open about sexuality than we have been in a long, long time. However, beauty and attraction is becoming a sort of masked sickness that we are just letting thrive.

Beauty is relative really. The old saying has said that it is in the eye of the beholder. Well, unfortunately, with such an intense society where everyone follows everyone else, beauty has become a sort of standard, and in my opinion, a very sick one. This problem mostly ties in to the realm of how men believe women should look. There is a "standard" right now of how women should be presented. Hourglass figures, long legs, symmetrical face, thin, large breasts, small waists. All these features are what sexually attract men to women. The problem is, that's it though. It's sexual attraction. What good does it serve other than to appeal to the eye?

Historically, men chose a mate that was suitable for bearing children. Now, these qualifications of "beauty" CERTAINLY do not seem to qualify for the ability to bear children properly. If you have no meat on your bones, you are made of plastic, and your body is disproportionate for undergoing childbirth, how does that qualify a woman as a suitable mate? We are on on a path of finding women who are more sexually appealing than physically prepared for giving birth to a child (an essential step in propogation of our species!).

What will happen is we progressively evolve into a culture that we have more and more "beautiful" people but at the cost of mental instability about maintaining beauty, and loss of physical prowess in women because bulk is not a characteristic of beauty. We will be propogating women who put beauty above all and who will do what it takes (regardless of health) to become beautiful. It's a downward spiral we do not want to take if we want to PROPERLY advance our species and evolve ourselves into something higher.

I blame this problem mostly on males for putting this pressure on women to become objects of the ideals men have. On the same token, however, women allow this to happen and fully participate in this idealistic behavior. Somewhere it has to stop. Personally, I put intellect over beauty, but beauty is important too. I have to be attracted to a person to be able to communicate and relate with them. I believe I hold more "natural" appeals towards what a mate should look like (a woman who will be able to be healthy and be able bear healthy children). But above all, intellect first. This brings me to my second problem which I will discuss in Part 2.

Now, for those of you who do not know me, I am currently 22 years of age, college dropout (its a long, sad story, but overall, it's not really my fault), and a corporate employee of Verizon Telecommunications (the phone company, not the cellphone people). Corporate America is funny. Very funny. It reminds me of Kindergarten except without naptime. (Oh god, what I wouldn't give for naptime!)

Corporate America is just a bunch of "children-at-heart" with "grown-up" bodies, trying to act "grown-up". It's truly rediculous. There is no real logic to anything most people do. When I was younger (shit, I'm still young, don't get me wrong), I used to think that part of being a "grown-up" and participating in the workforce was to be able to make your own decisions and contribute creatively. Boy, was I ever wrong.

I've been working here for 3 years. This is undoubtedly the most rediculous group of people I've seen in a long time. I keep telling people, they all act like kids. It feels like I'm in Kindergarten again. It's a bunch of mindless hustle and bustle, people playing with their various tasks here and there, acting all important, acting all busy. They make every little thing seem like it should be a major matter, but the real major matters are less important because they are not completely understood.

It's like this...

After seeing the the familiar EXIT sign and having it told to you hundreds of times that it was the word "EXIT"...
Student: "That word is EXIT! I can read!!!"
Teacher: "But you don't even know your ABC's you can't read yet."
Student: "But I know that word is EXIT!"

I work in a group that deals with web technologies. We are testing engineers, we assist in the testing of websites to make sure they function as specified. This requires that we know different web technologies and web terminiology. We have to have a general idea of how this stuff works to be able to test it right, right? Unfortunately some of these people are as dumb as bricks. What's HTML? What's ASP? A web server what? They don't understand the basic principles of what they are using on a day to day basis. I just don't understand how one can be productive without this knowledge.

And what irks me the most is that these people have been given a college degree. To me, essentially, a degree is what people pay tens of thousands of dollars for just so that they can get better jobs. I'm sorry, very very few of these people here show any use of what they have learned with their "degrees". I have no degree and I can successfully do everything they can, and more. On top of just testing this stuff, I'm also able to produce this stuff. Coding sites, develop applications, setup servers, etc. These people know nothing of this.

Children, all of them.

My favorite little quirk though is the use of "buzzwords". Here in "the industry", corporate America likes to use "buzzwords". Little catch phrases that have become popular to use around the office. For example, stuff like COB = "Close of Business", BAU = "Business as usual". Some people use little buzzwords without knowing what they mean. Without knowing what they stand for and, for all intents and purposes, do it just to be cool, and be the big boy.

Manager: "Could you give me the ETA?" (mumbled)
Developer: "The what? Could you please repeat that?"
Manager: "The E - T - Something. I'm not sure what it is, but could you give it to me?"
Developer: "Oh, the ETA?"
Manager: "Yeah, I guess so."

I dont get it, why not just say "When is the project going to get here?" It's not that hard. *sigh* I can't wait to see what the next generation corporate America will be like....

-----20 years in the future-----
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I've spent 3 very long posts discussing why the RIAA is so flawed in it's ways. I will take this last post to express very explicitly my opinions regarding the RIAA. I will also provide information for you to research on your own and formulate your own judgement.

I feel that the RIAA is an organization that has good intentions, but is just extremely misguided and implements their execution of their goals poorly. Originally, the RIAA was implemented to protect the rights of musicians to their music was not STOLEN. Now, what "stolen" really means is open for interpretation. The RIAA and crew like to see this as listening to a piece of work done by an artists without paying them for their time. Personally I see things a little differently. Art is naturally free and therefore cannot really be stolen. However, what CAN be stolen is the CREDIT for that work. That is what copyright was originally intended for. It was to protect the claim that someone created a piece of work. If I create a song, that song is mine and nobody else can say they created it. Copyright is about giving credit where credit is due, not the ability to churn profit from a piece of artwork.

The RIAA believes in nothing else but how well profit is churned out by the music industry and the artists (as if they needed any more money in the first place). This ideal should NOT be condoned by the general public (ie. you and me). It is our responsibility to make the difference. They are here to serve US. We are the paying customer. We pay $15 for a cd with actual material value of $0.05. We pay $150 for concert seats when they are turning over 1000% profits. We've been paying enough, it's time to demand what we want.

It's OBVIOUS what the audiences want. With all the users trading and sharing music, we want music to be more free. I don't honestly think we want artists to suffer. I think though that we are all calling for a revolution. I believe we understand that music can't go uncompensated. Artists DO deserve a cut. They work hard for what they do, and we should pay them back, but we should not be REQUIRED to do so if we don't like them.

Nobody likes paying $15 for a cd with ONE good song on it, and not everybody may like it the same ammount. If I feel the artist deserves more, I should be able to compensate them more. If I feel they deserve less, I feel I should be able to compensate them less. Most importantly I should be able to compensate them FAIRLY. I should be able to generate my own opinion, not one shoved down my throat by the industry. I should be able to compensate the ARTISTS for their work, not the work of the music industry.

Again, it's time people took a stand for what they believe in. As I mentioned in my first post, I have boycotted the music industry. Artists associated with the RIAA or most labels who are associated with the RIAA I have completely boycotted. I refuse to purchase their music or albums. As a DJ, this is hard sometimes, but it MUST be done. We MUST show them we mean business and things must change.

Please take the time to research what the music industry is all about. Formulate your own opinions and be informed. Here's some links to get you started.

http://www.eff.org - Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Ahh, I'm going to start writing down my escapades with telemarketers in this journal now. It's entertaining to say the least. Anyways, here goes my one for today.

I recieve a call at about 12:45pm today. I was in the midst of searching for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on ebay. It was some woman saying I was a lucky winner of a special package. She had a heavy indian accent and the phone quality was really bad, almost like on a bad handheld or cellphone.

Telemarketer: "Hi, you are our lucky winner of our special Nokia cellphone package. We have this package just special for you which is our gift to you. Blah blah blah, you get this, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. "

During this time I'm looking through all the different sales on there, trying to find the original first-run edition of the game. I almost forget she's talking.

Silence is on the line for just a moment when she prompts me with the question... "Ok?" "OK what?" I think. What am I 'okaying'? Oh well, couldn't hurt...

Me: "Ok."

She goes on talking about the package.

TM: "With this package we offer you our free Nokia (blah blah model number) and our special Long Distance package, blah blah blah (she talks but the words fade out as I do my search). Blah blah blah, ok?"

Me: "Ok."

At this point I figure that I just need to listen for the "Ok?" and respond "Ok." every time.

TM: "Blah blah blah blah, ok?"

Me: "Ok."

TM: "And blah blah, ok?"

Me: (scrolling down the 'Buy It Now' listing of the games on auction) "Ok."

After about 6-7 minutes into the call of this mindless back and forth game, the conversation changes pace.

TM: "Blah blah blah, but now in order to send you this package I need to verify your address... ok?"

Me: "Ok!"

Mind you, I've been keeping myself sounding like I'm interested. My responses aren't ones of boredom. They're a good attempt at a geunine "Ok, continue, you have me listening and I want to hear more" type of response. Now I get interested because I can answer something other than "Ok."

TM: "Can I please have your name and address to verify where we can send your special package?"

Quickly, curtly, but in a very as-a-matter-of-fact way...

Me: "No."

Silence ensues. I think I confused her.

TM: "But... in... order to send you... package, I need to verify your address, ok?"

Me: "Oh, ok!"

TM: "Can I verify your address?"

Me; "No."

Wow, that response draws even more confusion confusion the second time because there was even more of a silence gap.

TM: "But. I have your address right here, it shows... blah blah blah.."

I think she was spitting out my address, but it cut off from the crappy connection in the middle of her sentence. Even more importantly though, I found an auction I wanted to bid on! Bid bid bid! I reviewe the details of the auction, it was a good price and.. oh wait, I have a telemarketer on the phone.

(A few moments later, not sure how long she was talking, and how much silence ther was...)

TM: "Hello?"

I wasn't quite sure what she said a moment ago and not sure how to respond, so I resorted to a tested, tried and true response.

Me: "Ok."

TM: "I need your name and address for verification to send you your package. Do you want this package?"

Me: "No."

Heh. Again, that little simple response draws so much confusion. I guess she actually thought all my "Ok"'s meant that I was really interested. Silly telemarketer!

TM: "But why? This package is a good deal!"

Me: "I already have a cellphone."

TM: "Oh, I see..."

More silence. I decide to break the silence this time with a little bit of witty mockery.

Me: "Hello.... ok?"

TM: "Ok, alright."


Me: "Hello? Hello? Ok?"

I love messing with telemarketers. If they feel they can call me and waste my time trying to sell me services I KNOW I don't want to buy over the phone, I feel that I can waste their time in return. If they call me, at home, they get not only the opportunity to sell me something, but all my witty banter in response. They asked for it. They don't HAVE to call. I don't HAVE to be honest. I'm just glad that I wasted about 10 minutes of that particular telemarketers time. It felt sort of good, like I was doing some sort of civic duty. I see it as my job as a spam hating member of society to do what I can to return the favor to our consumer exploiting friends.

Gotta love them! I have more plans with Telemarketers in the future. I'll be sure to write them down when they happen.

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